I M A G I N 8

I have started this blog to show some of my earlier work, and alternate images to the ones I have already contributed on Giantess City.
My work consists of mainly amazon or mini-giantess size comparisons.

I equally enjoy both shrunken man and giant woman fantasies. It is standard practice to list the lofty height of a giant woman (F), or the negligible stature of a shrunken man (m), but these dimensions only trigger erotic thoughts because they are relative to 'normal' size.

On some occasions I like the idea of being small and naked in a normal woman's world, with gigantic clothes, objects, food, and the notion of being secret or trapped. On other occasions I fantasise that my ordinary life is turned upside down by a giant woman, imagining what she would do with everything being so much littler for her. I also have crossover ideas, where there are two livable scales interacting, multiple scales, or F growing and m shrinking relative to normal size, or proportional to one another by mass or height.

To be indiscriminate, I will classify most of these fantasies by their size ratio. When the size ratio is less than 2 (for example, a 9 foot tall woman is approximately 1.5 times larger than an average man) then I classify this as amazon or tall woman. Obviously these are misleading terms, as there are some fantastic examples in slow shrink stories of men losing inches and the women appear to be amazonian, but it is the most common term, and I myself don't create images of slightly shrunken men, but 6'+ amazons.

Standard height of 'normal' F or m = 5' 8" (my height, average for a guy, tall for a girl)

I have classified the different scales thusly:

~7 feet tall to ~10 foot tall F 
(very tall woman)
~12 feet tall F or ~3 foot tall m
(half-scale man)
~18 feet tall F or ~2 foot tall m
('Dexter'-scale man)
~25 feet tall F or ~18 inch tall m
(quarter-scale man)
~36 feet tall F or ~12 inch tall m
(dollsize man)
~50 feet tall F or ~9 inch tall m
(classic giantess)
  • m e g a g t s F = 1:10+
I don't do this very often at all!
(mega giantess)


  1. Great work..thank you very much Imagin8.

  2. this work is just so impressive. I am literally stunned

  3. For me, amazon height is plenty and sexiest since semi-realistic. My other desire is that the women be shown physically hurting and dominating the men, including not just height comparisons but choking, scissoring and just forcing men into painful submission.

  4. i would like to see some 25 to 30 ft women around heavy trucks like tractor trailers in comparision with the trucks nobody seems to do that stuff mcuda58@comcast.net

  5. Love this work!!! It's some of the sexiest, best rendering I've ever seen. Thank you so much!!

  6. do some car truck bus crushing flatting smashing

  7. RE: Relentless person/people asking for various vehicle comparisons/crushing - not gonna happen.

  8. What a great work, man!
    Keep going like that. I became a fan from your work.
    Greetings from South America

  9. Truely amazing work. The hotel scene is excellent, especially the last two renders.


  10. Would you or have you had images with collared and leashed males?

  11. Gorgeous work, but your videoes have gone down. Could you repost?