D A Z 2 # 8

Here are four evolving images I made to help visualise a story I started writing a long time ago about a 7' 0" girl called Sophie. Like most of my story projects, I wasn't too happy with it and it kind-of petered out...

The basic premise was that she was a young secretary who fell in love with her boss, but he felt too awkward and guilty about his feelings for her, and her height compared to his, and grew distant and uncommunicative.

~ The statuesque redhead bent down slowly, until finally she reached his level. “Pleased to meet you, Mr Sanders”, she said politely, before straightening up to her full height. His eyes watched her face disappear above, as her chin and then hair blocked it from his view, and then they alighted on the soft contours of her blouse, slightly above his eyeline. She was the tallest person he thought he’d ever seen, well, not including relative size when he was a child anyway. He felt a large, strong hand grasp his, wrapping around it and swallowing it in her huge palm. “My name’s Sophie, and I’ve been training to be a, I mean your, uh, whadjacallit...?” she went on, shaking his hand up and down absent-mindedly. “...a secretary?” he ventured. “Yeah! That’s the one... sorry,” she said excitedly, her head momentarily tilting forward so she could look down at him, “I’ve only been doing it like for a week... and so, you’re the new director, right?” She looked down at him, smiling a little awkwardly. Clearly she had run out of things she had prepared herself to say, “You could let go of my hand, if you want?” he ventured cheekily, as the bones in his wrist threatened to snap. “Oh god sorry!” she laughed, immediately letting go of his hand, and put both hands behind her back nervously. She still stood right in front of him, dwarfing him, not really knowing what to do with herself.