A N I M 8 # 1 --- D R I V E - B Y

Ok, now. Brace yourselves...

I have branched out into fairly basic animation with Daz Studio and aniMate, I don't really have teh skilz to do much more than make a sexily proportioned lady amble along, but I am trying to make that scenario as realistic as possible. This is one of the best early test videos, nearly all of which involve a giantess walking and being a bit sexy, viewed from a tracking car shot.

It is relatively quick to render an animation on the most basic settings in Daz3D (and this is how 95% of my other videos are at present) - but I am still working towards a perfect 'real' drive-by video for when I can leave my laptop alone for a couple of days to render it. The aim is to have: i) realistic walking with no judders, extra poses and maybe interaction, ii) camera shake, due to handheld cam and foot impacts, iii) depth of field and focus / out of focus, and finally iv) HDRI-quality final render.

In case anyone is interested / much better at mathematics than myself, I have always wondered how much a scaled-up giantess is proportionally slower than a normal woman. Because I only need a rough, but consistent, approximation, I decided to use the cube root of the scale ratio. I have no idea if this coincides with any volume-based calculations, but it seemed neat and tidy and gave quite good results for the heights I use.

For this video:

original woman (f) = (say) 5' 8"
upscaled woman (F) = 50' 0"
F / f ratio = 8.824...
cube root of ratio = 2.066...

100*(1/2.066...) = 48.39% normal walking speed

PS: Special thanks to dex_07 on Giantess City for retrieving the video!


  1. Hey Imagin8,

    The walking speed seems fine, and about the camera shaking effect, I have some ideas.

    There is this program called Sony Vegas, and it has different effects, where you can, as a preset, get a handheld camera, and even make your own shaking effect.

    So, if you don't use that already, I recommend you use that after you've rendered the actual clip.

  2. Good mottling effect on the skin, most people never think of that.

    "I wanna go on THAT ride!"

    "So do I, son."

  3. Very nice. Walking looks better than most. The mottling does look more realistic, but it makes her skin look older. Is that what you really want? It is fantasy, after all! I look forward to the same fun in your animation that are in your stills, and hand held too! That's going to be great!