D A Z 3 # 5

A 30-odd foot tall girl plays around with a couple of guys and their cars.

I have added a new poll to assess peoples' preferences re: grow vs shrink, and the related issue of clothing. For either fantasy, do the clothes scale up or down, or do they rip off or dwarf the occupant? I ask because I find clothing a very useful and, dare I say it, sexy tool for comparisons of scale. The idea of a bigger girl removing clothing off a guy can be made sexier for me if the girl has clothes on too, and this sometimes justifies the whole 'magically scaling clothing' scenario through giant or shrunken clothes - your thoughts?


  1. I like the giantess to at least have no top on. Growing through her clothes is great. I like to see some boobs =)

    Your images have all been amazing just the way you do them!

  2. Of course it's nice to see some flesh, but people can get that practically anywhere. When you are dealing with a power fantasy, which is what most size difference fantasy is, then you eventually have to deal with the issue of clothed/nude. The power is held more, and in subtler ways, by the clothed one. A clothed giantess stripping a tiny man naked effectively displays that disparity of power.

    A clothed woman can still be sexy - often moreso. Flesh artfully concealed makes your imagination work.

    I'd say you should use whatever seems appropriate to you in the situation depicted.

  3. I agree with you entirely about how clothing in these scenarios represents control, this is why I find it appealing - I would have said as much, but I try and force myself to be concise in my blog posts!

    The results of the poll so far suggest that people (who have stumbled here!) prefer female growth to male shrink, AND female clothing to male clothing (though nudity appears most popular). Any scenario with both female growth AND her clothes on is a contradiction requiring some kind of deus ex machina, as is male shrink with clothes on.

  4. the one with the cars is great me and my girl freind argue abiut a 30ft giantess how big she would look next to a semi trailer and if she could smash it to the ground

  5. nobody does giantess women around trucks it would be something to see andmybe some crushing involved