A N I M 8 # 6 --- B I G G I N G _ U P _ T H E _ C L U B

The initial concept behind this was to have a double size minigts and a regular guy dancing in a normal club. The guy dances obnoxiously so she becomes irritated and starts to walk off, before deciding to intimidate him. Is his theatrical tumble a sarcastic gesture or is he genuinely overcome?

This animation was inspired in part by 'Classic Guys' by SpawnGTS and 'Year 5' by Helplesscase, though I have chosen a girl sized more towards Mulder85's '12 foot tall muscle girl' idea.

The guy is 5 feet 11 inches tall, the girl is 12 feet 3 inches tall (over 13 feet tall with her 7 1/2 inch heels on).

The song is 'Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (FSG Remix)'

PS: Special thanks to alymini on Giantess City for retrieving the video!


  1. I would be genuinely overcome, and I AM genuinely overcome.

    Amazing conception and execution! I love the girl . . . 7.5 inch heels. Wow!


  2. Oh my god !
    Never saw such sexy thing !!!!

  3. I love it!Will there be a sequel to this? I hope you keep creating at such size ratios!

  4. Simplemente increible, lo mejor que he visto!!!

    Muchas gracias

    Thank you very much!!

  5. great video. what is the song that is playing I have heard it b-4 but can't remember the name

  6. Yanni26 - the name of the song is at the bottom of the post...

  7. It's not from a game, it's an animation I created using DAZ Studio. It does kinda resemble something you could do in Saints Row 3 however!