D A Z 4 # 1 5

As mentioned in the previous post, I've been blending regular 3Delight renders with LuxRender/Reality renders with a bit of post-work to try and get the best of both worlds. Whilst I love the realistic lighting of the Reality images, they lack the clarity and detail of the textures I use, and can be quite grainy even when left to process for many hours. I'm trying to reach a compromise between the two, where you can see every pore, but still make it look like it could be in a real space.

Here's a couple of pictures of a scenario that I've recently dwelt on, harking back back to a British book I read when I was a child called 'The Indian In The Cupboard'. The book (also made into a 1995 US film of the same name) and its 4 sequels concerned a young boy, Omri, who was able to bring a small plastic Iroquois figurine to life by placing him in an old cupboard and locking it with a mysterious key. Key elements of the stories are that the Indian actually existed in the old west, and was brought forward in time to appear at vastly reduced size (3 inches) alongside other historical characters, such as a WW1 army medic and a cowboy, and that the key/furniture could work both ways so Omri could also go back in time as a tiny person.

My scenario depicts a final year schoolgirl inspecting a tiny living soldier 17 inches tall (a quarter scale), I was going to go with a typical doll size (12 inches / 1:6 scale) but I felt this was a more interesting, if less accurate, size. I've left it open as to the exact nature of the meeting, he is clearly from a different time period, and it's implied that he has been kept in the display case, so maybe it is for a school project, or maybe she's just curious...

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  1. I remember those books. Haha, nice.