D A Z 4 # 1 7

A trip back to Alpha tales for Round 7. Priscilla is around 13 feet tall... DING DING.

Priscilla had a bit of 'thing' for smaller men, so when the Beta perv who'd been ogling her all night snuck into her dressing room she thought she'd have a little fun with him. The giant stripper tore off his clothes, dragged him to the shower, and pressed the tiny man hard against the glass door.

Seb tried to scream as he was forced against the cold glass, but she crushed the air from his lungs. The enormous woman pressed her heavenly globes into his face and glared down at him. He grabbed her big fingers and tried to tear them away futilely; she only increased the pressure on his little face.


  1. keep going. amazing work

  2. very nice, please make more of these.