D A Z 4 # 1 9 --- C A I T L I N

Alpha Tales Chapter 9 - Caitlin

As most of you are probably aware, I am writing a story on giantessworld called 'GH-X2', documenting the story of Jack, a 'regular'-sized 17-year-old inhabiting a world in which most people are over twice his height. The tale, which is currently unfinished and planned out to last a good while longer, is currently 13 chapters long, and at over 36,000 words, by far the longest thing I have written.

I have been reluctant to release any imagery directly associated with the story, instead rendering small scenarios from that universe which I've posted here under the name Alpha Tales; renders depicting ideas I've had when experimenting with the size ratio. Daz3D Studio has been an essential tool in accurately modelling and mapping out certain scenes and interactions, but I've not been totally happy with the versions of Caitlin, Jack et al I've been able to make in the program - let alone the environments in which the action takes place.

As of right now, however, I'm very happy with my current version of Caitlin, the 13-foot tall redhead who serves as Jack's primary antagonist, so I thought I would release some images of her. In the story she is described as a rich, misandristic bully, incredibly tall and athletic even by Alpha standards, and it's her sheer size and sexuality that overwhelms and torments our poor hero.

In my notes, I have painstakingly calculated some of Caitlin's vital statistics to help visualise her, some of which I have listed below:

Height: 13' 1" (398cm)
Weight: 2120lb (961kg)
Breast Size: 80M (weighing 35lb / 16kg each)
Shoe Size: 50 US (feet 24" / 61cm long)
Measurements: 84-54-78
Deadlift: 3840lb (1741kg)

A brief word on the art style: I've used a sketchy, painterly effect to obscure the graininess inherent in quick sub-hour renders; they come across as impressionistic glimpses of action and not super detailed, precise renders, they're to accompany a story, not dictate how you envisage it.


  1. incredible work. I see you found a way to bypass the long rendering times of software. I better not say to much cuz i'm in Saudi Arabia where this stuff is not kosher.

  2. Very nice pictures! It's very cool to have some visualsfor your story. I hope you'll do more, Caitlin is one sexy bully.

  3. Love these. Please keep up the good work. Your "extreme detail" in regards to her height and sheer weight make all your renders that much more enjoyable. Love your work and the ratios you use!

  4. Love your stories, please continue!

  5. Replies
    1. I have recently put up Chapter 14 on GiantessWorld - check it out.