P R I S M A --- # 4 1 - 4 8

Prisma Test Render #41 - Peck
An encounter on a Beta-size bed. Peck is both a type of kiss and a dry unit (approx. 2 gallons).

Prisma Test Render #42 - She's Mighty Mighty
Alternate low view of the shower scene from GH-X2.

Prisma Test Render #43 - Break Glass
Experimental render of Caitlin holding Jack's glasses way out of reach.

Prisma Test Render #44 - Teddy Bare
More nudity-based size comparison exploration in the Alpha-Beta range.

Prisma Test Render #45 - Beach Please
Alternative view of two angry sunbathers telling a Beta to leave the beach.

Prisma Test Render #46- Vacuum
Alpha Tales scenario involving a swivel chair, a bedroom and some suction.

Prisma Test Render #47- Big Splash
There's lots of spin-off renders from this original concept - a big girl and a back-yard pool.

Prisma Test Render #48 - Miss Hoover
Alternate version of prior suction-based render.

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  1. good to see your work, i waiting for the storiy