D A Z 4 # 2 6 --- M A D I S O N

So this is the closest thing *yet* to me actually doing a full-blown story with accompanying renders. Not sure how I summoned up the motivation to do it, but I did. Go me.

Alpha Tales #15 : Madison

For a few years I'd worked at a firm in the middle of the Southwold-Mixon district (SoMix for short), close to the city centre near the old dockyards. SoMix had been one of the most successful urban regeneration projects of recent years, with dedicated infrastructure designed around inter-scale co-habitation, leisure, and of course, business. An employee's size was thankfully not an impediment to career progress in my chosen field, in fact, you could perhaps argue it was a Beta-led industry.

I was used to being around Alphas, however. Whilst our workforce was still predominantly Beta, our clients increasingly sought to hire Alpha employees - something that had led to our relocation to SoMix in the first place. We had begun to hire a lot more Alphas, both for front-of-house duties and even just to reduce some of the heavy-lifting, sometimes literally, in the case of large-format documents and setting up Alpha-scale meeting rooms, etc. Madison was one such employee.

She was brought in as an intern, paid very little and mainly utilised to do mundane or cumbersome tasks we'd rather not (the aforementioned heavy-lifting, local errands, front-desk duties or ferrying beverages to and from our desks). Her sheer size was often quite the distraction - despite employing a number of Alphas, Madison was noticeably taller than average, with a powerful physique that was never far from display. Water-cooler talk amongst the more impressionable men on my floor would often revolve around her appearance that day, or what on earth such a beauty was doing working for us lot for minimum wage. Gossip arose that she was the daughter of a wealthy client, and various rumours of underhand goings-on, but Madison herself was never less than pleasant in person and seemed especially eager to please. I'd not spent much time talking to her but it was obvious, to me at least, that she was ambitious and intelligent, and knew more than enough about what we did for her talents to be squandered on cups of tea and administrative work. She knew how she looked gave her a head-start in life, and I bet she relished the attention she garnered from the rest of us because of it.

- - - - - - - -

I doubt it had been more than a couple of weeks since Madison had transfixed the whole office with her presence before it happened. I was setting up for a meeting with a client in Room B and had asked Elaine to arrange for the large-format reports to be brought in. I'd already been through the paperwork and the client was running late, when Madison breezed into the room and strode confidently over to where I was sat atop the inter-scale desk. If I hadn't been on my phone checking the news, I would surely have noticed the purposefulness of her walk, and how her attention zoned in on me from afar.

With a heavy thud, I was knocked out of my zombie-like state. Even sitting in a swivel chair atop a 5-and-a-half foot tall table, the angle I had to tilt my head back to to catch the Alpha intern's face was considerable. Rising to my feet, a little embarrassed, I saw that she had brought the large-format folder I requested.

"Thank you, Madison," I said politely.

"No problem, Ian," she smiled, leaning down slightly to my level.

She had only recently learned of my name, and it still felt a bit strange to hear her use it. I wasn't a great deal older, truth be told, and I didn't especially believe in being called Mister or Sir, but there was an edge of over-familiarity about it, almost like you could sense her glee at being able to address me so casually. 

"Is there anything else I can do for you, Ian?" she asked, placing her hands down on the folder, and not-in-any-way-accidentally affording me a spellbinding view of the low-cut top she was wearing. Madison bit her lip as she eyed up my reaction to her.

"I think that's everything, actually," I replied, a little unnerved by my proximity to her gorgeous face and prodigious... you know.

"I was wondering about this report," she continued, looking down at the folder and then back up at me, consciously drawing my eyes down to linger on her torso. "I had a quick flick through and there were a number of things I didn't really understand, the economic forecasts, which legislature applies to which part, that sort of thing."

I nodded sagely, uncertain of exactly where this was going, although I had an inkling.

"I don't know if you'd be able to show me the ropes, help me get an understanding of how a report is put together properly, would you?" she asked. 

I knew it was unlikely anyone would have refused her offer, and I was no different.

"Ah, I mean, I could do... sure... " I stuttered.

The girl beamed, still bent over at the waist, her earrings gently swaying as she peered at me.

"Well, are you doing anything tonight?" she asked sweetly.

Tonight, like most of my weeknights, was completely devoid of anything resembling an activity.

"Um... is it urgent?" I said reflexively.

She sensed my hesitation immediately. A broad grin spread across her face as she leant in towards me a little bit further, pressing her cleavage together that little bit more.

"Very," she said seductively, enunciating the V with a lingering press of her glossy lips.

I mean, how could I refuse?

I'm not sure how many people saw me leave accompanied by Madison, but it's fair to say that if there were people who didn't know about it when I left, they would likely be informed within seconds.

I didn't live that far away and Madison was adamant that she didn't want to stay behind after work. I had plenty of case studies on file at home, and in no small part because of the subtext hanging in the air, I could foresee several reasons to seek out the privacy, and intimacy, of my flat. I was renting a converted warehouse apartment that was designated as an 'Inter-Scale Abode' or ISA - a mixed-use development capable of housing Beta and Alpha residents safely alongside one another, with adjustable rooms, walls and fittings. The previous tenant had been an Alpha, and many of the options he had requested were still there, such as the double-height ceilings and larger floor area, but the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom had been amended to include more size-appropriate furniture and fittings in the short term. The place was an absolute steal for the square footage alone, though it was only a matter of time before it would be re-sized back down to an appropriate footprint.

Madison talked excitedly about a variety of things that I couldn't really follow because I was desperately trying to keep pace with her. At each intersection she would stop and look down at me expectantly as I caught my breath, before firing up again once I had identified the correct direction in which to proceed. The walk through the park was especially taxing, and whilst she was aware of my struggles to match her pace, she didn't make too much of an effort to slow down.

Once inside my flat, I offered to make her a cup of coffee and busied myself in the kitchen whilst she had a look round, marvelling at the enormous space I wasn't anywhere close to filling, and that she so effortlessly was. Free from the obligation to quick-march alongside the giantess, I was able to ask her about herself, learning that she was a graduate from a half-decent college and grew up not far from the city.

I rinsed out and dried a pair of mugs, one as large as I could find and the other pretty standard, and was about to pour the freshly-brewed coffee. I called out to check if she wanted sugar or milk and was met with no reply. I turned around and noticed she had left my living area, perhaps into another room. Curious as to why, I left the kitchen and walked over, only to be confronted with a vision I will never forget for as long as I live. Madison was sat on the edge of my bed expectantly, glasses removed, shirt off, skirt long-since abandoned. Her tremendous nylon-clad legs fed into the most perfect torso I could imagine, accentuated by the brilliant red of her lingerie and her come-hither demeanour. I felt the coffee mug I held slip quite effortlessly out of my grasp and onto the floor.

"Come here," she instructed, clearly impatient for me to get involved. 

My heart was in my mouth. The woman was an absolute goddess, and here she was, practically naked on my bed. I hurriedly took my own shirt and shoes off as she removed first her tights and heels, and then the final two obstacles between her gigantic body and total nudity.

"Like what you see?" she asked confidently.

"Yes," I said quietly, trousers halfway down my ankles.

"Then don't be shy," she advised.

Stepping out of my jeans, I approached the enormous girl and she guided me in close so I could kneel on the bed between her knees. Her mouth descended onto mine as I gingerly reached out to hold the two perfect breasts that jutted out towards me, their softness being one of the more surprising revelations I would discover about Alpha anatomy. Madison sealed her lips passionately over my mouth and probed delicately with her gigantic tongue, wrestling mine around playfully and toying with me every time I tried to compete with her affections. I could feel myself already standing to a full salute as her long fingers roamed south and slid my underpants to my knees.

I was lost in a dizzying world of soft, pliant flesh and the gentle but relentless approaches of her lips and fingertips. My socks and underwear had been expertly removed and I, like her, was completely exposed but for the sensation of the bed beneath us. The heat radiating off her body was so intense it felt like energy might crackle between us at any moment. As things progressively got a little more handsy, both from me, and from her, I felt her long legs slide out either side of me and she motioned for me to get off the bed.

I let my feet touch the floor and took a couple of cautionary steps back as Madison rose to her full height. It was like looking up at someone on a balcony, she could barely see down over her chest to acknowledge me.

"Have you been with an Alpha before?" she asked pointedly.

I shook my head nervously. This was my first time. A slight smile creased her otherwise resolute expression. 

"Do you think you're man enough?" she enquired, putting a hand on her hip as she looked down at me like a child. There seemed to be only one answer I could give that would continue this most incredible of experiences.

"Yes." I said, nodding my head frantically, only now truly realising what a gargantuan task this was set to be. Pleasuring a woman of this size would be no picnic.

"Ok then," she smirked, raising an eyebrow, "You can make a start here." The girl pointed between her legs towards the gentle curves of her womanhood, pursing her lips to suggest that I should kiss her there and make good on my promises of fulfilment. Her fingertip gently tapped the fire-red pubic hairs above it, as I paused, uncertain of how to proceed as this part of her was a bit too tall for me to reach without standing on tip-toe.

My attempts to please the giantess were met with an unimpressed sigh, as I could neither press myself against her sex sufficiently or stretch my meagre tongue far enough to stimulate her properly. With dizzying speed, and without any significant effort on her part, she simply picked me up and spun me to the bed, dropping me clumsily on my back. 

I had not been expecting such a sudden, violent manoeuvre and I was briefly stunned, just long enough to take stock of the giant woman's hairy mons descending onto my beleaguered face. What had begun as a reciprocal act of erotic play had now morphed into a submissive, desperate act of sheer panic, an Alpha-sized slice of female domination pinning me to my own bed and gyrating atop me regardless of what I might scream and shout. One hand gripped my fragile skull and repeatedly buried me into the sopping-wet folds of my enormous consort, whilst the other greedily found my member and clamped around it like a vice, pulling and twisting at it forcefully as I begged and pleaded to no avail.

Happy that I was now aware of the implications of my decision, Madison relented and changed position, straddling my tiny frame and dropping herself heavily onto my Beta loins. I could feel how inadequate I was, but her powerful vaginal muscles were able to adjust to my miniature girth and she began to ride me, smashing her hips and thighs into me again and again. My sheer helplessness was frightening and served to titillate her no end, thrown about beneath a girl who was technically just trying to ride me like a normal Beta partner might. The pain her solid, muscular body inflicted upon my pelvis and legs would last for some time, and I would have the bruises to show for it.

After taking great pleasure from my feeble attempts to get her to dismount; yelping in pain and demanding for her to stop for what felt like forever, Madison eventually slowed down and raised herself off me, allowing me a brief moment of respite before returning her attention to me once more. As I started to explain that maybe, perhaps, this wasn't for me, my erection waning and my bones aching in protest against further... advances, she pounced playfully, dropping her titanic breasts onto my head and taking my entire length into her hungry mouth. I can only describe what it felt like as I completely lost my bearings beneath the vast frame of a sexually-charged giantess, but the sensation of being buried beneath her whilst she nearly sucked my poor dick clean off was like being strapped to some kind of sadistic machine intent on taking me way beyond my erotic breaking point. The potency and aggression of even this straight-forward act designed to arouse me was so unspeakably hard to bear that I felt tears running down my face, only to be smeared across her meaty tits as they battered against me.

Absolutely at breaking point and ready to burst, I was released from her relentless maw and felt cool air wash over my moistened genitalia. I heard the girl say something, I have no recollection what, and then my feet and legs were brought together and I was dragged upside down and into the air. Ridiculously perfect thighs, covered in a soft layer of fat but corded with yards of muscle beneath, filled my peripheral vision as I was once more presented with Madison's monstrous sex. Sealing my doom, she pressed my face into her snatch, my overly-sensitive phallus pulsing as it dragged against the hard undulations of her stomach as she held me aloft and undulated rhythmically, savouring every moan and shriek I emitted with a squeeze of her legs and moans and shrieks of her own.

I can't remember much else. I know that my stricken body provided her with enough pleasure to bring her to climax, the dried juices smeared across my face alluded to such triumph as and when I finally regained consciousness. I know too that she coaxed a spectacular orgasm out of me, for my loins had never felt so spent, but exactly how, or with what intent I don't know. I like to think that she rewarded me for my efforts, that the pleasure I gave her was sufficient to consider me worthy of her attention, or maybe it was simply out of amusement or pity. Either way, I have the vaguest recollection of being slid between her mighty breasts and brought to climax by the ministrations of her mighty arm at my back, squeezing and coddling me against her as I writhed like a fish before all was darkness and blessed release.

I don't know how long she waited until she left, whether she felt bad for using me or simply didn't care, but I do know I was out until well past midnight, and when I woke, it felt like I had been in a series of car accidents, directly to my groin and legs... Madison's mug was still there on my kitchen counter, awaiting its coffee, sugar and milk, a reminder that yes, this had actually happened.

I could tell you that I saw her at work the next day, and I could tell you that she smiled coyly at me as I struggled to seat myself in my swivel chair, but that is a story for another time... one that I promise to compile in my report most diligently indeed.