D A Z 4 # 3 8 --- G R O P E D

    Groped I & II.

For once, a model I've used isn't a redhead, though of course she's still around 13 feet tall and very muscular. The first pair of images use one prisma filter and the second pair use another.

The thing that repeatedly gets me is that even a scale ratio that most consider quite 'small' for a giantess, at least in macrophilia circles, is truly overwhelming when you get into the details of the interaction. A man weighs next to nothing compared to someone this big, they're just as much of a helpless ragdoll as they would be at a 9 inches rather than a little south of 3 feet, it's just there's a lot more of you for the larger woman to play with - there's more to it than simply holding your whole body in one hand and trying not to break you. Your arms, legs, head and torso are all cute half-size versions of what a 'real man' would have, and as such an Alpha girl could have a lot of fun simply comparing herself to you, contorting you into positions you might not have dreamed of being put in, or simply overwhelming you with ease to see how you might react.


D A Z 4 # 3 7 --- U N K N O W N _ H A N D

  Unknown Hand.

Here's a little tribute I rendered out recently - it's a reimagining of one of my favourite drawings by the classic macrophilia artist known as Unknown Hand, who was active in the early 2000s.

A lot of their artwork had a very sadistic, darkly erotic vibe, and this composition is no exception. A helpless shrunken man (I've made him about 9 inches tall) is sheathed inside a giant-size condom in preparation for the inevitable. I always remember how fragile he seemed, how his exaggerated sexual organ seemed like a crude metaphor for the fate to which he was bound, and how sinister the woman's talon-like fingernails looked as she crimped his hands together with cruel indifference.


D A Z 4 # 3 7 --- G I G A N T A _ I I

 Giganta Pt II.

Following on from the previous Giganta post last week - a set of renders showing a 50-foot-tall Giganta ready to stomp Supes into the tarmac, and then crushing his face into her oversized teat.


D A Z 4 # 3 6 --- C U P S

  Cups Runneth Over.

A very common scenario in giantess/amazon woman hentai is for a smaller, weaker man to be subjugated by a huge, curvaceous, often surprisingly muscular woman with absolutely enormous breasts, and brought to orgasm like a pitiful whelp.

To nobody's surprise I absolutely adore this scenario.


D A Z 4 # 3 5 --- B U I L T

 Well Built.

A notable component of my attraction to the world of macrophilia is the way that trivial or unnoticed things are regarded differently when their size is dramatically increased. It's commonly dealt with in shrinking-centric literature, movies or TV - something small and inconsequential, say a hair clip or a needle, is now a large, cumbersome object you can barely carry, and these newfound properties clash with your former reality. For me, a feminine object scaled up provokes a greater reaction still, as the connotations commonly associated with such items - being petite, delicate or in some way softer or gentler - are turned on their head by the object instead being large, heavy and imposing. 

At the risk of making sweeping generalisations, this idea can itself be extended to the fact that women are often still viewed, rightly or wrongly, as intrinsically weaker, and women who are strong, athletic and confident are often accused of being too 'masculine'. In the case of macrophilia, I particularly enjoy the fact that, feminine or otherwise, any woman would be powerful, imposing and dominant if she were enlarged (or someone else shrank). I'm drawn to muscular, tall women at normal size anyway, and I am especially drawn to the idea that these women subvert expectations physically or behaviourally, but often still dress or wear make-up in a way that forges femininity with their vigour, strength and size. The colour pink, dresses, skirt, long hair and high heels invariably act as triggers for me, and when paired with someone physically powerful, and on top of that physically much larger than I am, well, it's an intoxicating mix.

Here, I've depicted a very muscular Alpha lady who vaguely resembles an oversized April Hunter. Her enormous frame is barely kept in check by a short, tightly-stretched dress, and she's wearing makeup, jewellery, and very tall high heels - like she's been out on a date with some Alpha stud. To a small, unathletic man she represents absolutely everything he is not; she's an unstoppable avalanche of feminine power... wearing a very pretty dress.


D A Z 4 # 3 4 --- S T A L L I O N

 Milking A Stallion.

The panicked Rocco awoke to discomfort and confusion. Was it something he ate? Witchcraft? His date for the evening - the petite, quirky brunette from accounts - was now planted upon his upper body, riding his face with the force of a cement truck. Try as he might, he could not budge his chest or arms an inch beneath the now-elephantine female as she rocked on her haunches and pressed his little face further against her with a stifled giggle.

"Don't struggle, my little stallion" she advised the diminutive former bodybuilder, "The extraction should be quite pleasurable for the both of us."


D A Z 4 # 3 3 --- L O O F A H


This buxom Alpha likes to use her Beta shower buddy to let off some steam at the end of a long day. With a literal torrent of water pounding against her enormous body, as well as her breasts' suffocating, slippery mass, it's next to impossible for her to hear his anguished cries as she flattens his little body against the glass, lost in the steamy throes of passion.


D A Z 4 # 3 2 --- C L A M P E D


verb past participle

To hold (something) tightly against another thing

"Maggie clamped one hand over the tiny man's face, whilst with the other she coaxed an unwilling offering from his undersized body."