D A Z 2 # 1

Here are two of my first three Daz 3D Studio renders. I noticed that the program was free, and decided that I would give it a try. I got V4, M3, some extras and freebies, and was immediately impressed with the step up from Poser on all levels.

Clothes that fit easily, better morphs, less posing irregularities, huge choices for almost any feature, and of course much higher quality renders, even on my relatively slow and cluttered laptop.

I began to wonder if I could realise many more of my fantasies than I'd previously thought.

The top image is a my first ever test shot using Daz, of V4 with the standard bikini top and bottom, lit by 2 lights.

The second image is my first proper composition of two scaled figures, an amazonian girl and a naked guy. It took me a little while to get male hair or clothes as, personally, I felt they were less important than female ones. The hair he has is actually a female do fitted to his head.

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