D A Z 2 # 2

These are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th early Daz 3D compositions I made -

Whilst the majority of my images are portrait, I do render landscape compositions occasionally. This is my first use of proper shadows, and the first time I toyed with the calf muscles. I have a 'thing' for defined calves, and it is often the most important aspect of a render for me, besides nice breasts and a pretty face. The girl is approximately twice the size of the guy.

This shows something I tend to do a lot, keeping a pose I like and changing the accessories and perhaps the scale. This is the same body pose as the previous render, but with a different facial expression, outfit, significantly smaller man, and different lighting. The guy is approximately 8 times smaller than the girl.

Testing out a proper t-shirt, and the first genuine size-comparison involving standing figures.

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  1. This stuff is good especially the man climbing up the girls chest, great work