D A Z 2 # 3

These are the 4th, 5th and 6th early Daz3D compositions I made -

My first experiment with the muscle morphs and a 'shiny' skin texture. I was really pleased with the long, amazonian legs I was able to create, and the light from the side picking out the detail, but not quite so pleased with the excessively ripped arms. Later I would learn to beef up the legs and stomach without affecting the arms so much. First use of a scowling bald guy also.

Very similar composition, in fact; exactly the same scowling bald guy, but a taller, leaner amazon. First redheaded girl also, a favourite hair colour of mine, and first very low perspective image, emphasising leg length, and showing off a little flash of pantie.

This is the first example set in a scaled environment, quite clearly an overgrown blonde digts in a swimming pool. It was also one of the first renders that raised the issue of hair and shadows, as it massively increased the render time. Notice that the bald guy's toe just touches the surface of the water.

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