D A Z 4 # 4

12-foot Muscle Girl

A 'rebooted' version of a previous post - realising several moments from a short story concept by Mulder85.

And she has this angelic face...but she is smiling down at me...probably enjoying the fact that I'm already trembling just by seeing her!

She starts poking her 8.5 inch long index finger (looks more than a thick stick) on my forehead while explaining to me why shes here with her girly but loud (because of her size) voice, and my whole body keeps going back and forth from the pokes! 

She cups my peanuts and **** in her huge palm, and they seem so small! She's like "Would you expect to satisfy a woman like me with that tiny excuse of a ****? It's smaller than my pinky finger!"

She puts her palm over my crying face, totally covering it...and giving it a shove that makes me stumble many feet back and fall!


  1. no words to describe these awesome renders! altough I prefer the originals, these are great too! wish you can continue this story. thanks!

  2. Amazing renders. Please create one story with those characters. I´m so impressed with girl size (not very tall but so muscular too). I love tall and muscular girls. See some that I know at Second Life (Flick album)
    Here´s the link: