I have added a new poll to the blog, and re-enabled the three previous ones - they are on the right-hand side underneath the intro, tags and links. In reverse chronological order, from top to bottom, the polls are:

F A V O U R I T E ?
If you're attracted to girls, what hair colour do you like best? I've included a fifth option because I know some people like girls with dyed hair (blue, green etc) plus I can't rule out people preferring grey hair! I personally have a soft spot for redheads, possibly because of the number of red-haired female characters on TV shows I watched as a child, or perhaps as my first crush was a cute, ginger girl when I was very young. I'm not really pedantic about hair colour, I don't discriminate, but when it comes to my fantasies I always seem to have my favourites.

O P I N I O N ?
This poll hints at a much larger discussion I had on GiantessCity about how big creatures are depicted as slow and ponderous to emphasize their size, like monsters or giants in films and tv, and an equation I was able to track down by doing some scientific sleuthing which can be used to calculate how much this rate might change if someone were to be rescaled :
rate  = square root of ( original height / rescaled height )
Regardless of the ins and outs of my 'scale time' argument, it's a simple yes or no question, do you prefer your larger ladies and miniature men to move like you do, or to take giant, slow footsteps and tiny scampering ones?

L I K E ?
This poll essentially asks if you prefer a regular-sized man with a giant girl or a shrunken man with a regular-sized girl. Growth or shrink innit? I've complicated matters by asking if you like both simultaneously (say a 3' tall guy with a 12' tall girl) to draw attention to a part of this experience I feel is often overlooked, the context, i.e. any clothes, props, or environments in the fantasy. For example, if I imagine myself to be shrunken, presumably I'd be naked and the girl would be clothed, but a significant part of my shrunken fantasy might be to be undressed over a giant bed (i.e. to have a comparative scale experience with shrunken items as well as just myself) this would require shrunken clothes, hence the extra options!

L I K E ?
This initial poll is pretty straightforward; which size ratios do you like? I'm pretty specific, and probably segregate the heights more than most people can be bothered to, but as I'm obsessed with detail the subtle characteristics of each scale trigger lots of different thoughts for me. The difference between coming up to someone's navel and coming up to their knee, physically, psychologically and sexually, means I struggle to put them under a big 'mini giantess' umbrella, despite it in itself being a specialist term already!

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