D A Z 4 # 5

A few odds and ends from recent-ish work

Worm's eye view of a schoolgirl

A girl on the beach with a sub-2-foot guy

An alternative angle of the third render in Connect 4


  1. OH MY WOW!! If you could have this girl grow from maybe 5'10" to this height slowly...Maybe tease the lucky small guy w/her stocking feet in white socks... AMAZING!! This just gets better & better!! Thanks!!

  2. this artist's stuff is like super good. but is this site dead or is the artist just a really busy person? if the artist ever comes back i wonder if they'd do any foot fetish stuff like '12ft lady uses her feet to play with small guy's cock'. that'd be teh shit!!!!!!!

    1. I don't spend as much time as I used to on these renders, the site isn't 'dead' but I tend to update in bursts many months apart.

  3. Sometimes if i put a little shredded cheese on my pancakes then melt it, tastes good.