A N I M 8 # 7 --- 5 0 _ F E E T _ T A L L

It's been over two years since I last posted a video, as for a variety of reasons I don't render much in DAZ Studio nowadays. However, I've recently been dabbling with Saints Row: The Third again, and have been able to scale not only the character but the walk movement too. Subsequently I've created a machinima video in the style of a movie trailer, and though there isn't much of a story to it I've attempted to make something out of the clips I captured.

What you see was all rendered at 720p (my computer can't handle much more without dipping below 15fps) with a few graphics settings turned up, and some of it has been slightly enhanced in post. I've taken the liberty of adding a lot of the soundscape myself, from the booming footsteps to some of the screams and noises, but other than that it's in-game audio.

The giantess is exactly 50 feet tall, as the title implies, and I found it quite exciting to truly see how a person at this scale interacts with the city around them. Initially she is my typical female avatar; athletic, red-haired ponytail, wearing clothes I like, often pink ones. In the latter stages, this avatar resembles Alison Hayes in AOTFFW, initially dressed up like in the film (implied by the let's pretend interlude) but later completely nude - as I thought that would be worth a shot. I personally prefer my ladies with clothes on, actually, but I tried to put a bit of everything in, plus if a lady suddenly expanded to this size I'm convinced her clothes probably wouldn't...

The song is 'Arcade' by Hans Zimmer, from the Man of Steel Soundtrack Deluxe Edition

PS: Special thanks to dex_07 on Giantess City for retrieving the video!


  1. Very nicely done. SR4 sites keep mentioning a code to make your character huge as an in-game cheat but I haven't gotten it to work yet. So I don't know if its real or not.

  2. I have been trying to alter the code to increase my characters size for awhile now but cant see to can you give me a hand?

    1. If you're a member of Giantess City check this out:


      There are also other threads that discuss how to on GC, and SR3 modding sites.

  3. each and every picture is outstanding , keep up the good work and please give more updates :) I am a big fan of your work and love it...

  4. Do you mind posting your xtbl for the walk speed?

  5. amazing work....the sound effects are brilliant. There is a lot of potential in this..

  6. just an fyi, everything video is gone