D A Z 4 # 6

Happy New Year! To celebrate over a MILLION hits, and not-at-all-coincidentally because I've started rendering again, I present Alpha tales. Set in the parallel universe of my story GH-X2, I've started depicting small scenarios showing the lives of normal-size men in a world where most people are now twice their height. The first tale is of an unknown man recounting his experiences with his 13-foot-tall neighbour Karen.

My neighbour's wife, Karen, would come by when he was at work, strip me and force me inside of her, calling me her 'little fuck toy'. I used to dread her arrival, reeking of wine and cigarettes, dragging me to my bedroom. I later found out that he beat her, and she was taking her rage out on me. 

If Karen was feeling especially vindictive, she would pin me to my bed underneath her and threaten to tear my dick off if I didn't make her come quickly enough with my tongue. Often I would find myself in bed with bruises all over my face and arms after passing out during these 'sessions'.


  1. great!!! hope to see morrrrre!!!

  2. WOW! She's very pretty.


  3. excellent story and drawings like the predecessors. I would like to see more of these...

  4. More please :))

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  6. very good !
    MILFs are very hot !!
    can you make some images with these sales ?? ;-)