D A Z 4 # 7

The second instalment of Alpha tales; a decidedly more optimistic scenario showing that it's not impossible for opposites to attract, if the circumstances are right.

Chris, a successful artist, is one of a small group of betas that have been able to flourish as his intricate and detailed painting style proved a big hit with the alpha social elite. He met Natalie at the opening of his latest exhibition and invited her back to his studio apartment in the old part of town.

Standing just under 13' tall in heels, Natalie towers over his 5' 11" frame, but the mixed-height development is accommodating enough for her to stand in. After clambering up to his sleeping area, Chris is just the right height to kiss his gargantuan guest, though anything more will require a bit of planning.


  1. Excellent!!!

  2. I absolutely love your GH-X2 universe! Dominating alfa females are my favourite, but this is also great, please make more of these:)

  3. I hope you continue on your GH-X2 story :)

  4. Welcome back to rendering! Have always loved your work! Look forward to seeing you on giantesscity