D A Z 4 # 1 1

Continuing my midsummer madness of posting every day, here is another set of renders based on my GH-X2 story universe. I have a few more images of different scale ratios to come over the next couple of days.

The fifth instalment of Alpha tales; Tatiana is 12' 5" tall.

Some of the more affluent Beta men, fed up of being turned down by Alpha women, may resort to ordering mail-order brides from other countries. Tatiana, a Russian, was born into a society that imports quantities of GH-X2 to raise tall, beautiful trophy wives for export to rich, lonely westerners.

Rocco, a vain and conceited man, thought nothing of purchasing her as a status symbol; a physical representation of his financial success. Tatiana was content for the most part, she satisfied him with barely any effort and he looked after her, though she had to admit she longed for a 'real' man.


  1. I'm in the middle east, but something censors my comments...

  2. Interesting scenario, I'd like to see her trying to stand up in a tiny space like that.