D A Z 4 # 1 0

Post #50!! The fourth instalment of Alpha tales; Cassie is 12' 1" tall.

The enormous girl turned around suddenly, Mark pressed himself up against the wall and tried not to make a sound. She was astoundingly beautiful, probably a model or an Alpha sports star's girlfriend. He hadn't meant to startle her at all; people of her size don't normally notice Beta footsteps.

Cassie thought she heard a noise. It sounded really close but there was no-one around - she would've noticed. It did feel like she was being watched, though, and whilst she wasn't usually a particularly paranoid person it made her more then a little uneasy. 'It's probaby nothing,' she told herself.

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  1. She's the most beautiful of all your models. Any chance of seeing her succumb to the little guy? :-)