D A Z 4 # 9

The third instalment of Alpha tales; Brandi is 13' 0" tall.

Thom knew Brandi was still sore about being forced to train with the Beta team as punishment for missing too many Alpha team training sessions, and foolishly felt compelled to sprint between her legs, yelling, "Cheer up, misery guts!" at the statuesque teen as he ran laps around the court.

Quick as a flash Brandi grabbed Thom around the waist and effortlessly lifted him high into the air. As she carried him, kicking and struggling against her, she calmly explained that little boys should be seen and not heard, so she'd give him an hour or two to think about it before letting him down.

Half an hour later the girl returned, much to Thom's relief, and explained that practice had finished early. As he prepared to be freed, Brandi instead tugged his shorts down to his knees and toyed with him humiliatingly. "See you in the morning, pipsqueak," she grinned, and left him hanging there.


  1. really awesome~!
    always like your works
    and i come almost everyday now

  2. All the girls in Alpha tales / GHX2 universe are twice as tall as they would be at regular size - as Brandi is a star basketball player she is very tall at 13' 0" i.e. twice 6' 6".

  3. Wow. She's so sexy. I love the pic of him running between her legs. Her face rendered so well looking downward.