SizeCon - Poster & Video Montage.

Sadly, I wasn't able to attend the first ever SizeCon in New York City this year for a variety of reasons (mainly due to being UK-based), I would've been there in a heartbeat if I could. I'm a huge believer in what the organisers are doing for the size community, and I will try my utmost to support them, and, with a little luck, attend next year's convention.

I was, however, incredibly fortunate to have a winning poster design exhibited at the venue, and I heard that someone was able to give the artwork a home at the end of the event! It's a render of a gentle mini-giantess scenario that represents a sometimes forgotten side to my work.

This exact scale ratio stems from a retro sci-fi pin-up I found online long ago, which has the caption:

"This Martian maiden looks a treat,
But top to toe she's thirteen feet,
So hard luck spaceman, there's no joy,
When giant girl meets six foot boy."

I always thought that it was a cruel to assume there would be 'no joy'.

There is also a wonderful thread on Giantess City entitled Giantess Kiss, in which the thread owner, SantaClaus, states:

"The interest in giantesses is understood here to be sexual, though there's little sex in the giantess presentations we see here. For many people the female giant is a power symbol more than a sex symbol... ...When we see the giantess' mouth, it's usually open to devour a victim, not puckered to express affection. I've gone through the work of many of our contributors to find the simplest expression of affection, the kiss."

I first saw this striking image on a birthday card given to me by my girlfriend several years ago - it depicts a scene from Gulliver's Travels. I had somehow never caught sight of it before, and it's always stuck with me. I like the politeness and delicacy of it, though I'm by no means a fan of grovelling or envisioning giantesses as goddesses to be served, I think it's more of a sign of respect; a poignant, appreciative gesture from a small man to a giant lady. I included a small nod to this image in my SizeCon poster entry, though if truth be told, I probably did it because even on a stepladder he can't reach her lips...

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In addition, I volunteered myself at the eleventh hour to help Jitensha & Bryan piece together a video medley that showcased various niches of the 'size community' in contemporary media to be screened as part of the 'Size in Popular Culture' panel at the con. 90% of the content was curated by them, all I really did is throw their picks together alongside a few choices of my own, title the clips as accurately as possible, and set it to a soundtrack - though I hope it's an enjoyable watch!

N.B. The fullscreen option doesn't work, instead click the 'Pop-out' icon to view it in HD via Google Drive, and download it if you like! This is the original version I created - for the music heard during the SizeCon screening (picked by Jitensha) sync the vid up with this


  1. Oh, so YOU made the totally awesome video that was the PERFECT way to open the Con! Thank you, and thanks for sharing it with us here!

    If we do another one for SizeCon II, I've got a few suggestions....

    1. Haha! Yeah, it was me, most of the credit to Jitensha & Bryan for a great selection of clips though.

      I'm sure if I get the chance to throw another one together there are tonnes of clips we can use, easily 15 minutes from just classic/retro size change for eg.

  2. Hey man. I know you're busy man and i admire your work but i was wondering when you're going to come around to updating GH-X2. Sorry if this comes out as pushy its just im a huge fan of the story and im dieing to find out what happens next

    1. Hey, don't worry about being pushy, it's very flattering to be pestered about GH-X2. I've reached a point in the story where I'm not sure exactly what needs to happen first, so I've been writing, but nothing's ready to be revealed as yet. As always, I can't do anything except apologise for the length of the time the story takes, it's just the nature of the beast.

  3. Beautiful work Imagin8! It reminds me a little of the old Maxcat videos. I wish I could have seen it in person with fellow size lovers! I look forward to next years when I can hopefully attend and to more of your amazing render work on this site.

    1. That takes me back! It's definitely reminiscent of MaxCat's compilations, though not by design. Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Loved the video. Definitely a great way to kick off the Con.

    Thank you for putting it together and posting it online. Now I'm going to have to try to find all of these things I had never heard of.

    1. Cheers! Hopefully everything's been labelled well enough to track down. If not, gimme a shout.