G H - X 2 --- F A I R C H I L D

I've recently updated my long-term Mini-Giantess story GH-X2, taking it up to Chapter 16 now, and just over 45,000 words. It's the only proper story I've ever tried to write, and by far the longest and most thorough project I've ever stuck at.

When I first started writing it, I simply wanted to create a narrative based on my 'ultimate' or 'ideal' scenario with a giantess, the one that most of my renders and concepts revolve around. In time it's become a big mirror, reflecting my quest to unearth how I truly feel about this kink, and what I actually crave from it, rightly or wrongly.

It deals with some pretty heavy themes, like the stripping away of humanity, and the sense of injustice felt by a small individual e.g. Jack (Protagonist / Depiction of the author), and the murky middle ground between craving an equal relationship with unobtainable, beautiful, superior girls e.g. Penny (Ingenue / Girl Next Door), and wanting to bedominated and treated like a plaything by them e.g. Caitlin (Antagonist / Tsundere).

Penny represents the intrinsically kind, good, gentle giantess that I wish to have a loving, equal companionship with, who can see past the size difference, or makes it into a positive thing.

Caitlin represents the absurdly sexy, untamed, dominant and at-a-push evil side of a giantess that makes me feel inadequate and doubt myself, because she uses the size difference against me.

The power play in most of my favourite stories is very much the Caitlin type of model - helpless men being toyed with at a Mini-Giantess sort of size ratio. I find it impossibly erotic, even though in real life, it would terrify me, and probably scar me. My other favourite stories, which I don't find erotic, but I do find soul-enriching, deal with relationships with beautiful souls like Penny. Both these sides of the coin are slowly being dealt with in GH-X2.


There is a fictitious figure in semi-popular culture who very closely aligns to my vision of a 'dream girl'. As a not-very-interested-in-comics-unless-they-have-giant-ladies-in kinda guy, it took me a long time to find out about all of the very tall or giant comic book heroines, and Caitlin Fairchild was one of the last that I discovered. 

If I had known about her when I was younger, I would probably have been ridiculously infatuated with her. At 6' 4", with an amazonian, muscular build, long red hair and green eyes, she physically embodies absolutely everything I, quite independently, find crazy attractive. As a character, her persona as a bookish, nerdy girl who suddenly became stacked and insanely strong and resiliant, but retains all of her girl-next-door qualities, is also something I find very desirable.

Whilst there are obvious similarities between Fairchild and GH-X2's Caitlin physically, personality-wise it's Penny who more closely resembles a gawky, introverted girl with a towering body (though she isn't incredibly muscular and powerful). Giganta, perhaps, would be a good fit for the kind of bullying, nasty streak I've depicted, matching her relative 6' 6" in Alpha terms and acting as a very aggressive and dominant antagonist within the confines of the story.

PS: Interesting fact - I actually came up with the name for Caitlin in GH-X2 because I was looking for an appropriate name for a red-haired girl from Irish stock. Caitlin = Pure, Bridget = Strong, Reid = Red-haired. Only later did I realise I had used exactly the same name, and how similar they are in physique.


  1. I've just found this blog and I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I'm enjoying GH-X2. My normal thing is much larger size differences but I love your writing style and the world you've created. Finding that you've made images and other shorts from the world has been a bonus! Thanks for writing!

    1. Many thanks! I'm very flattered that you enjoy the story despite it not catering to your exact size preferences, that's something that's happened to me a few times with exceptional stories, and I consider it a big, big compliment indeed.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog!

    2. My pleasure. Actually what is great is that it opens the door to other size scales and scenarios, and is something I might bring to future pictures I make :)

  2. can you make some tutorial videos to help the others to do 3d gts arts?

  3. Hey bud! You know I like your renders, old animations and your story, right? :P