B F G _ A N G L E L A N D

One of my favourite moments each week is at some point around Wednesday lunchtime, when a new chapter for the giantess story BFG Angleland is uploaded. 

The Doctor, or a0040pc as he is also known, has been diligently adding to this tall tale, a fantasy spin-off from a pre-existing Big Friendly Giantess series he has penned, which documents the adventures of wannabe knight Tucker and his occasionally giant but usually amazonian best friend Jessica. Clocking in at a whopping 330k words encounting, the story is a true epic, and unusually for stories concerning a macrophilia fetish, primarily explores the affection and camaraderie between a giant girl and a normal-sized boy.

BFG Angleland depicts Jessica as a reluctant giantess heroine, a girl whose normal height is well over 100 feet tall and capable of wielding great strength and power, who feels quite vulnerable and out-of-place but for her best friend Tucker. A magic dress acts as a plot device to enable Jessica to shrink down to a 'mere' 8 feet tall, though her size is still a significant barrier to feeling like she's the same as other people.

Tucker is a blacksmith's son who dreams of adventure, fame and glory. Cheeky, resourceful and a little bit foolhardy, he is the only person who has no fear of Jessica's great size and treats her like a normal person. The relationship between the two revolves around Tucker's quest for treasure, and Jessica trying to keep him out of trouble, as they roam across the Kingdom of Angleland.

I've imagined my own take on these two characters, rendering an image of Jessica at her full, 'normal' size and one at her smallest height of 8' 2". Jessica is decribed as very beautiful, with long brown hair and hazel eyes, wearing a simple cream-coloured dress and shoes. Tucker is average height with a little bit of muscle, sporting short black hair and brown eyes, wearing a few pieces of armour over his clothes and his trusty sword Juggernaut.

A number of stories I find engrossing deal with powerful giantesses who are confident, brattish bullies, or themes that incorporate humiliation and subjugation on a level that makes the reality of an enormous woman that much more visceral, but probably my favourite narratives are ones that explore what happens when a giantess is subject to the fears and frailties of a normal human. I like the idea that a giantess can be vulnerable, fragile, scared, isolated and in need of help despite her physical 'gifts' - fed up of being pigeonholed as a monster or freak, run away from, misunderstood and lonely.

With Jessica, this is exaggerated because she is so gentle, empathetic and kind, at odds with the anticipated behaviour of an enormous being, at least in the minds of panicky ordinary folk, who expect death and destruction. This kind of trope reversal is very heart-warming, and very effective.

As with my own story GH-X2, the dichotomy between a a confident, overwhelming and dominant giantess, and a protective, kind and surprisingly vulnerable one, is something I've become fascinated by in recent years. The 'evil' aspects of macrophilia can be intoxicating as a form of escapism, being forced to submit to someone who can overwhelm and toy with you is an incredibly arousing thought, but I do also truly crave the sort of loving, gentle, humanity that can exist in spite of seemingly impractical differences in scale.

As such, I'm opening up a poll on the blog (and reinstating all of the old ones which seem to have inexplicably lost hundreds of votes) to see which aspects of evil and gentle giantess fiction people like. Assuming you're the smaller of the pair, how would you like to be treated by a giant person? Please fill in all that apply - I myself ticked several of both evil and gentle, and also, the last two options cover whether you like to capitulate and become a pet/slave/secondary person within any given scenario, or whether you fight to retain your independence/freedom/humanity at all costs.