G H - X 2 --- 8 0 K _ W O R D S

I recently hit 80,000 words (81,829 to be exact) with my story 'GH-X2' - updating it to Chapter 28. As mentioned a few times, this is the first time in my life I have been able to persist with a writing project of more than, ooh, 2-3k words. This is a big deal for me, as prior to starting it, I would not have considered myself in any way a writer, and now, I like to think that I am... ish

It's taken forever, and I'm not going to be accused of updating too regularly any time soon, but I'm still proud that after an 18-month dry spell, I was able to push through my writer's block and at least take the story on a bit of a journey. I have lots of plans, but for now, I'm just going to try and get round to it every few months, and put something out there.

In addition, because I'm a pedantic sort, I actually made precise calculations to map out how GH-X2 would affect growth rates for Penny, Caitlin, and other Alphas way back in 2013 when I was first piecing together the story. I've sat on them for years, and for some odd reason had the urge to turn this information into a bit of super sexy infographical delight, to show exactly how this growth panned out for each character, and how Jack's non-GH growth stacked up in comparison. You may notice that I envisioned it as a pair of GH treatments - the first at age 6-7, and the second at 11-12, each giving around 5 years worth of added growth. The first course of GH-X2 (GHT1) is half the dosage of the later, more impactful GHT2 treatment, which is provided at the onset of puberty. Most treatments take place during the summer break each year, meaning some kids end up getting GH-X2 closer to their 7th or 12th birthdays than their 6th or 11th ones. The dashed purple line at the bottom shows the projected height of Penny if she hadn't taken GH-X2, which shows that genetically she would have been rather small, but her reaction for the drug was very serious indeed. Caitlin's projected height was to be around 5' 7" (not shown on the graph) - but she was put on an experimental, and highly expensive variant of GH-X2 which ultimately gave her a little more than 2.3x her height, as well as increased muscle mass, and a few other things besides...

PS: I uploaded this picture to DeviantArt recently to show various size comparisons between some of the key characters in my story 'GH-X2' and Alpha and Beta objects:

(L-R) Penny, Jack, Caitlin, Delon.


  1. Just curious. . .what sport does Caitlin play?

    1. She's an athlete and I've been deliberately vague about which exact events she competes at - but it'll be quite a few as she's such a specimen. She's fast, tall and very muscular, so anything from heptathlon to tennis, basketball to weightlifting...