P I N T E R E S T I N G _ S T U F F

So I made a Pinterest board with loads of content on that sorta encaspulates what I'm into from a macrophilia / giantess / amazon / tall girl / muscular girl / redhead / etc perspective. It's basically a load of images that aren't fully pornographic, but get me either hot and bothered or wistfully introspective about size-based relationships / love / the nature of attraction.

You're totally welcome, guys.

As a bonus, please enjoy this super high quality infographic which details two awesome stats: a) the size of a man's penis in comparison to me, plotted against how I feel about that fact, and... b) the size of a lady in comparison to me, plotted against how I feel about that fact.

I originally posted these on Giantess City chat, to showcase the 'complex' relationship I have with a) giant dicks, and b) giant women.


  1. Caitlin Fairchild, eh?
    Get it while it's hot:

    1. I was all over that thread within about 24h of it being posted - you can see my comment on there!

  2. Hmmmm. . .try this:

    Oh yeah, I went there.......

  3. Are you going to upload some new arts?